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Ecofalante Play




The Challenge of Digital Migration during the Storm

In mid-2020, Ecofalante faced a major challenge. With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, the largest socio-environmental cinema festival in Latin America found itself facing the imminent closure of in-person sessions and the need to migrate to the digital environment. In a call to adventure, Ecofalante sought the help of heroes capable of creating a solution that would allow the continuity of the festival and the dissemination of its important content throughout the country.

A Successful Partnership!

And it was on this journey that Kingly Studio came into the picture, as a mentor and guide, bringing all its expertise in developing technological solutions. In a strategic partnership, we developed the proprietary streaming platform, named Ecofalante Play, from scratch. With dedication and hard work, the heroes at Kingly worked tirelessly to deliver a socio-educational tool that exceeded the clients’ expectations, becoming a solution that went far beyond a simple streaming platform.

Impacting Thousands of Lives

With the goal of bringing socio-environmental content to the masses, Ecofalante Play became a powerful tool used by thousands of educational institutions, from schools to universities, as a source of knowledge and reflection. With this platform, the heroes at Kingly provided an epic journey, helping Ecofalante to disseminate its message and positively impact the lives of many Brazilians.

The Triumph of Ecofalante Play: A National Socio-educational Tool

Thus, the journey was completed with a grand reward: Ecofalante managed to keep the cinema festival alive, as well as reaching an even larger audience and ensuring the continuity of the mission to disseminate socio-environmental knowledge and awareness. The journey of the heroes at Kingly and Ecofalante Play left a legacy that goes far beyond technology, as it contributed to the education and transformation of an entire country.

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