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A Heart-Touching Campaign




Computers and Mother’s hearts

Young computer enthusiasts may have many differences among themselves, but they all have one thing in common: they love their mothers. In this loving Mother’s Day campaign, Acer and Ctrl 365 bet on benefits to bring children closer to their dear mothers.

Who doesn’t love chocolate?

Say something that fits better with Mother’s Day than chocolate and fail miserably. Then think about the happiness of all Acer notebook buyers when they found out that every purchase also entitled them to a voucher at Cacau Show.

The system behind it all

A complex system was developed to bring this idea to life. In addition to the mechanisms created to automatically generate vouchers with input from the purchase invoice along with the computer’s serial number, we developed an interactive map for the user to know which Cacau Show store was closest to them.
Last but not least, the Acer team’s administrative panel allowed for approval of all transactions and generated real-time campaign reports.

Success and lots of flavor

With successful sales and customer approval, the campaign not only pleased Acer customers but also many mothers who were able to taste delicious Cacau Show chocolates on this day.

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The biggest cultural cinema exhibition in Latin America deserved a website worthy of its history. With this goal in mind, and as the launch of the 7th edition of the exhibition, Kingly turned the entire program into a true digital spectacle.

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